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The audio-video and photographic material contained in the “Gallery” (herein after “IMAGE(S)”) are the sole property of TRENTINO SVILUPPO S.p.A that therefore is also the holder of all related rights regarding economic exploitation, none excluded or excepted, without any limits as regards time and location, format and manner.
The use of the IMAGES is regulated under these Terms and Conditions for Image Use that, by registering with the Gallery, you hereby undertake to comply with.
Your use of the IMAGES occurs by virtue of this free and non-exclusive licence to use that Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A grants you for the time necessary to use them and anyhow for a duration not longer than one year from the sending to you by “” of the e-mail containing the link for their download.
Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A reserves the right to revoke this licence, at its discretion, notifying this decision to the electronic mail address indicated by you during registration and that you undertake to maintain active and to promptly notify any changes to it. Otherwise, the address provided shall be used, even if not updated.
Under this licence, you must:

  1. indicate, in the usual ways, the credits pertaining to each IMAGE (indication of Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A as owner, name of photographer, year of creation, name of the author of the work of art when the IMAGE depicts a work of art) inside the means of reproduction/duplication or publication/broadcasting chosen for each single IMAGE. This means that the use and publication/broadcasting of IMAGES lacking the relating credits is forbidden;
  2. upload and store in your database the IMAGES only for the allowed duration, at the expiry of which use in any direct or indirect way or format of the IMAGES is forbidden;
  3. delete the IMAGES from your database or from your digital supports once the period of validity has expired;
  4. you must not transfer or sub-licence the IMAGES to third parties or anyhow allow their use for a fee or gratuitously;
  5. reproduce or use the IMAGES without any deformation or alteration, without altering the definition and colours, hues and tones, leaving them as they are in the original image submitted for use. Cropping and adjustments for page layout purposes are allowed.
  6. use the IMAGES, on any kind of paper, digital or multi media support and via any means of publication/broadcasting (as long as it is compatible with the prescriptions herein), only and exclusively for tourism or territorial information, communication and promotion of Trentino (herein after “INSTITUTIONAL PURPOSES), in compliance with Trentino’s identity values and for the safeguarding of its image;
  7. in particular, should the IMAGES be used together with articles, reports or editorials, the latter must be related to Trentino overall or to its products overall, or be pertinent to Trentino, or anyhow in contexts pertinent to the information about and/or promotion of Trentino.
  8. It is therefore forbidden to:
    1. use the IMAGES in an isolated manner, without any pertinence or connection to the INSTITUIONAL PURPOSES (e.g.: when the IMAGES are used in contexts other than the promotion of Trentino or when the articles, reports or editorials are not about Trentino);
    2. use the IMAGES in contexts that come into conflict with the image and with the values of Trentino, such as, for example, in connection or with reference to gambling halls, the usability of gambling machines located in public venues, online gambling, night clubs or brothels; partner swapping websites, etc.;
    3. use the IMAGES in connection with distinctive signs, logotypes, images, trade names, product brands.

By accepting these terms and conditions for image use, you (in your capacity as Licensee) undertake to comply with them as a whole, taking on the responsibility for any consequences to Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A or to third parties, and you commit to hold Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A harmless and not liable for any requests or claims made by whomsoever in this regard.